Brand Strategy Coaching


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Happy Clients


Gaby Abrams

Carol is an expert at illuminating your blind spots, and I am amazed at how much we got done in the session.

We mapped out my offer, fine-tuned my messaging, and even planned out my sales funnel. Carol has so many fresh ideas for my business, and every single suggestion felt completely in vibe and ME. She is the kindest, most down-to-earth person with the most beautiful energy, and her intuitive business expertise is just the icing on the cake.

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Jamie White

Carol is exceptional in understanding on how a site should be laid out, the look, the feel, the phrasing in terms of copy. 

She knows how to really entice your target market that brings them on a journey that captures your essence and creates a real want and desire for your target market to engage. Working with her was such a no-brainier. If you are considering working with her, it will give you the edge and advantage.


Natalie Ryan Hebert

Having my brand drawn out of me by Carol was as effective and transformative for me as any deep subconscious work I have done.

People underestimate what a soul-aligned brand and amazing photos can do for their business. Yes, it attracts clients. But not only because your business looks the money.  It does something to you on the inside.  You see yourself in a new light. You see yourself as a leader. And then you just step right into this upgraded vision.


Sally Brooks

Carol worked with me to truly understand what I do, understand the ‘Essence’ of why I do it and understand how I do it.

Carol pushed and pushed me (in the best possible way) to explain my ‘why’ - even when I didn’t truly understand it myself! I’m delighted to say that with Carol’s help and way of working, she helped me find it; it almost brought me to tears. I have reflected on this session continuously since we met and am delighted with what we have uncovered so far….  I can’t wait for the next session…


Suzy Malhotra

Carol got to the essence of me and my brand very quickly and was able to help me articulate my essence in words and visuals.

Within just a couple of days I had a new found confidence in who I was, who I was trying to help and the transformation I could make. I had belief that I could go out and tell the world that I really could transform lives. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Carol. Not only for her creativity but I also found her support attentive, personal, and of great value throughout the process. It is definitely something I will do again when I am ready to next level up my brand again.

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Haley Merrick

Carol was able to pin point exactly what was going on and I left the call feeling excited and inspired.

Working with carol was pure magic. Prior to our call, I knew a couple of things weren’t quite in alignment with my brand and I was feeling blocked in a couple of areas. I’ve made some tweaks and my brand now reflects me, my offerings and feels much more powerful. Highly recommend these strategy sessions.


Libbie Walsh

I came out of the branding session with so much clarity, and confidence to work with you as I had expected, but so much more than that. 

Carol had a deep awareness of knowing exactly what I wanted, and needed.    know now with no uncertainty that with Carols help and expertise I can take my business to the next level.  Her approach is second to none, and her nature, and natural ability to see the person, and match the brand is done so impeccably with precision and so much love and care, but also in a very down to earth fun loving manner.  I cant wait to work with Carol again, and look forward to my next level business success.